New ToS-DotNW English Trailer from TGS + Round 2 of the Arte Banner Survey

Okay, first off, a US Trailer for Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World has been uploaded over at IGN. It's from the Tokyo Game Show of this year =D (I'm sorry... but me not like JYB's voice this time around....). Also, according to this report by 1Up, the NA release will have additional stuff not in the JP game. To quote, "Loading GameCube clear data from Symphonia randomly unlocks certain items, in-game currency, and other bonuses at the beginning of the game. Second, the North American release increases the available motion-controlled special-move shortcuts to eight, up from four in the Japanese version."

Er, yes, kill us for being so persistent about it >___>. So... we've adjusted the arte banner to look something like this instead (Please check it out, it's only a 1MB video file). And so, we ask again:

Holy Bottle: Keep it that way.
Dark Bottle: Remove it, and stop asking already XD. [And afterwards feel free to throw apple gels at me)

Comments are well appreciated! Thank you very much =D~

P.S. Ignore the video quality. That's a fast encode. A FAST ENCODE.

EDIT: Ugh, sorry about this. Anyway, I noticed something... In our subs, the dark blue subs during the narration are easier to read.... or maybe that's just me...

So, in addition:

Malkuth: Use the dark blue ones that was shown during the narration in ep1 as the main subs.
Kimlasca: Keep colors as they are (the red ones)

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