Happy April Fools 2014! Thanks For Being Such Great Sports!

...Well, most of you anyway.

Another lovely "holiday" is over. We were mainly overrun by these adorable, furry little creatures called the Oresoren, but luckily we're now back in full swing. We hope you enjoyed that little stunt!


And a special thanks to Remanoir for preparing this lovely Oresoren artwork for us! Follow her on Tumblr and DeviantArt, *ors*!

Oops, sorry. Trying to get rid of that.

That said, what I posted is partially true. As of April 1st, I've officially started my rounds as a clinical clerk in a hospital here, and due to my hospital duty schedules, I won't be able to keep an eye on AC as strictly as I did before. Expect some updates (especially the Japan updates that require translation) to be a bit delayed from time to time. If not, expect at least translations in said posts to be delayed.

Thank you and we hope you had a great laugh! To those who were actually offended, please liven up a little.

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