Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

It's the day of hearts once again ^__^/.

Did you spend this special day with a special someone (I did lol)? Share your day here ^_^/.

That beautiful YuriXEstelle fanart was given to us as a gift this special day from one of our constant visitors, Shizuka! Click the image to see the full gift! Again, thank you very, very much for that wonderful gift! It'll be added to AC's fanart page once I get around to updating it >_>;

And the gifts do not end there! LaZyEnErGeTiC also gave AC a very useful gift: a 160GB external hard drive! It's sole purpose: storage for all of AC's media files~. This was a late Christmas gift from here ^_^/. Thank you so much ^__^/.

Also, as a Valentine's celebration, Antz_the_Great made this funny little Yuri and Estelle comic parody. This is part of his new series, Tales of Vesparody, which will be added to the site soon (again, as soon as I get to updating O_o)...

Thank you to everyone for supporting AC~~. Spread the love~~.

And Namdai. Seriously, make a Tales dating game already XD.

Gah too sweet...

EDIT: Ah, also, the poll about ver3 has been closed. The results are:

And so, Canvas wins. But don't worry, I've taken all your comments into account! (Like, about the image changing thing, Kanonno and the Descender are changeable, so if a new Tales game comes out with decent art, they might be replaced). Thanks so much for all those who voted!

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