Just Some Minor Tales Channel/Community Updates

Since February 12, the new EX Attack mode event for Radiant Mythology 2 named "Valentine!" has begun, and said event will end on February 19, at 10:00 (a.m. I presume, Japan time). 

Prizes for the Top Players:
????? [Honmei Choco/Favorite Choco] (shield)
?????? [Sync's Mask]

Prizes for Participating:
~ ????? [Giri Choco/Duty Choco] (shield)
??????? [Corrine T-Shirt]

EXP for EX Attack mode has been boosted to 200% for this event. Requirement of this event is to engage in at least 50 battles starting the 12th with your character as a Swordsman. Ranking will be based on EXP earned.

And as of February 4, the Tales Community now features Tales of the Abyss skit faces (Luke long hair and short hair, Tear, Guy, Natalia, Anise, Jade, Mieu and Asch).

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