Help Keep Abyssal Chronicles Running and Malware-Free!

Help keep those nasty redirects away

All of you have probably noticed the recurring problems we've been getting here on Abyssal Chronicles.

Every few weeks (which seems to have now turned to days), the site gets attacked and hacked, leaving the site laden with malware and risking you, our followers, with annoying redirects which may be a risk to your computers. What's happening at present is beyond our control as the staff aren't exactly experts on things like this.

Though we (painstakingly manually) manage to find the hack that causes the malware and redirects, the hackers again find vulnerabilities in our site and manage to re-inject other hacks, causing another cycle. Even with repeated changes in password, adding so-called security measures and plugins, we still get hacked.

Something must definitely be wrong, but it is beyond our capabilities to find out where the problem is. In desperation, we are now turning to security services that offer to both find open windows as well as strengthen the site security. Among those we researched on, one of the cheapest and promising ones is Sucuri, which offers a $199 annual fee for protecting the site and finding vulnerabilities.

Here's where we need your help. AC is run by a bunch of people who aren't exactly rich enough to cater to this problem. In our desperate time of need, we're turning to you, our followers, for help.

We're aiming to raise a total of $250 per year, $199 of which goes to the website security package and the remaining goes to payment for hosting as well as keeping the .com, .net and .org domains alive. We know we're asking much, but we have really run out of options.

We could really use everyone's help in this. If donating is impossible for you, then help us out by spreading the word - it will mean so much to us. I, personally, am honestly really at my wit's end with this problem, on top of the work I have to do in real life.

You can make a donation over via our PayPal for now. If you can't donate, then that's totally OK! Just help us spread the word!

Thank you guys for your continued support!

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