Tales of Magazine Vol 1 Scans Have Been Uploaded to the Gallery!

Many, many thanks to Rena-chan from LJ and Eternal Manga Scanlations, we now have scans of the first volume of the Tales of Magazine up in our gallery. They have been separated into their respective categories, depending on which game they belong to. The categories are as follows:

|| Tales of Vesperia ToM Scans
|| Tales of the Abyss (anime) ToM Scans
|| Tales of Hearts ToM Scans
|| Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 ToM Scans
|| Tales of Phantasia ToM Scans

All images are in high resolution, resulting in very high file sizes. Please have patience in loading them. And full view is your friend. ToM also contains manga. Wings of an Angel is planning to scanlate them. You can also check their site for a list of the available manga in the ToM.

Also, if you might have missed it, check the previous post for the latest Tales of the Abyss anime trailer!

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