Tales of Vesperia PS3 & Some Destiny PS2 Anime Cutscenes Downloads

Classes are suspended even for me so I posted these early. I'll be posting the AC 777 Promo winners a little later.

These are download links for the anime cutscenes found in Tales of Vesperia for the PlayStation 3. All of them are in 1280x720 HD MP4 format. Since they were ripped off the games, they don't have the Japanese text that appears at the bottom, a.k.a. the subtitles, if you prefer to call them that. These are all clean, and can be used for AMVs and such. The cutscenes are somewhat the same except for the final one, and the inclusion of Patty in some scenes. This doesn't include the CG movies found in the game.

But before we get to that:

TOW: Radiant Mythology 3 Music Downloads
With You (Tales Remix) - BACK-ON and Aya Hirano
with you Feat. Me (RM3 Opening Theme)
Nagareboshi/Shooting Star (RM3 Ending Theme)

Long overdue, yes. Also:

Tales of Destiny PS2 Anime Cutscenes Downloads


FMV 1 - Stahn Meets Dymlos
FMV 2 - Leon
FMV 3 - Swordians Attack
FMV 4 - My Master, Stahn Aileron
Creditless Ending Montage

^Er, incomplete, yes. Anyway, here they are.

Tales of Vesperia PS3 Anime Cutscenes Downloads



I'll be announcing the winners in six hours. I'm getting back to sleep first.Classes suspended in Med school I never thought it'd be possible!!!!

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