Congratulations to AC's Tales of Xillia 777 Promo Winners!

Our winners are... prilia and Flamfas! Please send me your full name (or name of who can receive the prize) and your address so I can pre-order your copies of Tales of Xillia! Thank you so much for entering~! Also, I'm unsure regarding pre-order bonuses. Both PA and YA say that they'll send pre-order bonuses as long as "supplies last".

And thank you to everyone who joined! In the end, we had a whopping 600+ entries! I seriously did not expect it to reach that many. To those who didn't win, please don't be disheartened. As long as you continue to support AC, more contests will be available in the future!

We're able to give out these contests because of your support, and you can expect more in the future as long as you continue to support us. The best way of supporting us is buying stuff from Play-Asia using our Affiliate Link. Rest assured that everything we get from there goes back to you in the form of contests, and more. AC is practically one of the best things I have in my life, and this is a token of my appreciation, in a way.)

How the draw worked: The list of valid e-mails were archived in a numbered Excel spreadsheet.'s Integer Generator was then used to pick two random integers. The integers that showed up were paired with the mail's corresponding number on the spreadsheet.

Again, guidelines for the two winners. Failure to follow these will result in picking new winners.

1.) AC will only allow ONE winner PER household. In example, the two winners happened to be siblings or cousins living under one roof. The name that was firstly drawn will be the valid winner, and the second person drawn would be considered invalid.

2.) AC will not be held liable in the case of Play-Asia or YesAsia not being able to send the product to you due to regional restrictions and such. We had explicitly stated in the contest guidelines that before joining, you should be 100% sure that either Play-Asia or YesAsia can deliver the specific product (Tales of Xillia Japanese Version) to where you live. In the occasion that neither shops cannot send the game to the winner's area, AC has the right to pick a new winner in place of the one Play-Asia or YesAsia cannot send to.

3.) Yes, we'll also handle the shipping fees. Though most probably, we'd just go for the basic shipping, and not the courier ones. UPDATE: Due to the Canadian Post Office strike issue, if a winner is from Canada, we'll be using FedEx for shipping.

4.) AC will only handle the pre-ordering of the product. It's Play-Asia or YesAsia themselves who will send the item. It is already out of our hands after the order is placed, meaning (a) we can't take back the order (but why would you even want to take it back, right? ) and (b) we will not be held liable in case the product gets lost in the mail or something. I do understand that the two companies allow replacements/refunds for products lost in the mail, and since it will be ordered using my accounts in those sites, I'd be more than happy to get them to send replacements, but this is only after the game's release.

5.) Winners will have to give their full name (or the full name of anyone in the household old enough to receive a package) and address to us. We will of course uphold your privacy regarding the matter, and the address will only be known to me (a745) and me alone.

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