Tales of Graces F PS3 HD Anime Cutscenes Downloads

First off, I'm sorry that I don't have the proper download pages for these files yet, but I figured people may want them. 

Anyway, these are download links for the anime cutscenes found in Tales of Graces F for the PlayStation 3. All of them are in 1280x720 HD MP4 format. Since they were ripped off the games, they don't have the Japanese text that appears at the bottom, a.k.a. the subtitles, if you prefer to call them that. These are all clean, and can be used for AMVs and such.

We don't really need credit if they are used in AMVs, but it'd be great if you'd mention us ???~

Tales of Graces F Anime Cutscenes Downloads


FMV1_-_First_Meeting_Sophie | YouTube
FMV2_-_Lives_Saved_by_Sophie | YouTube
FMV3_-_Richard's_Coronation | YouTube
FMV4_-_Farewell_Richard | YouTube
FMV5_-_Richard_Releases | YouTube
FMV6_-_Cocoon_Formed | YouTube
FMV7_-_Aboard_the_Shuttle | YouTube
FMV8_-_From_Phodra_to_Ephinea | YouTube
FMV9_-_Escape_From_the_Cocoon | YouTube
hFMV10_-_The_Closophies_Soar | YouTube
FMV11_-_Epilogue_-_Sophie_Tells | YouTube
Future_Arc_Creditless_Ending_Montage | YouTube
Main_Arc_Creditless_Ending_Montage | YouTube

Tomorrow, we'll most probably have the download links for the Tales of Vesperia PS3 anime cutscenes up (only the anime cutscenes, not including the CG ones.

Then the day after that, the winners of the AC 777 Promo.

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