The State of Abyssal Chronicles Version 3 (And Why It's Taking So Long)

I think it's been, what, 2 years or so ever since I announced the development of AC's version 3? And yeahhhhhh, it's taking a while. Now, this post isn't exactly here just to give out my reasons for being so slow at this (but in a way, it is). It is, however, here to bring to light a particular issue I'm having with the site's version 3. You can skip ahead to number 4 if that's the only thing you want to know about.

So yeah, here are the reasons I believe people should know:

1.) No, it isn't about the content about Tales info.
- The content for the Tales games is actually pretty complete (i.e. character profiles, battle system, etc.), with the exception of the newer games, but that won't really take long since I have our news posts to look at. So no, it isn't about content.

2.) Moving to a different content management system (CMS)
- As much as I love Fusion News and its maker for helping me with a bunch of modifications to make it fit my needs, it is pretty much really outdated. I'm looking for a much flexible, all-in-one type of CMS, one that can also handle the sub pages of the site, like the Tales pages. I've been experimenting with a few, and I think I have one I like already.

3.) Fixing up the downloads/re-ripping all the game cutscenes
- This is what may actually take a while. Not the re-ripping of the videos per se, but the re-uploading of them. So far, I only have Destiny R, Graces f, Xillia and Vesperia cutscenes ripped.

4.) As of two months ago, I've been redoing the whole version 3 layout. Why? Because someone blatantly copied the layout.
- That's the main reason I'm doing it, aside from being not that satisfied with it. And that's right, you read it right. A so-called friend of mine has been copying not just version 3 (which is here), but some parts of AC's version 2 layout (the character cards we have for each character profile) as well as the Wings of an Angel Scanlations site). Heck, not just the layout, even! You see those social buttons we have in every single news post? Yeah, she goes as far as copying the code we have, not even bothering to know that each code is specific for a site it serves. Idiot. Of course, I've confronted said friend, and what does she have to say about it? "I didn't know about that!" "What? Floral designs with curved boxes are my trademark style!" "It's just a coincidence! A very big coincidence!" "Oh no, I got the idea by combining these three other layouts!" So she shows me those three layouts, and they look nothing like her site. "Oh, that's because they all recently changed layouts!" Oh sure. Sure they did. At the same time. Might as well copy everything, since you're pretty much using everything we have, like Fusion News, Coppermine, and our own personal AddThis code!

Apologies for the rant, but yeah. I won't go as far as telling you guys about her sites and how similar it looks to AC. However, one more push from her copycat habits, and I'm going all out.

That aside, hopefully, I'll get AC version 3 up and running by July or so. The new layout is actually done, it's just being coded. But yeah, it looks quite different from our previous version 3 layout. All because of a copycat.

You guys may be wondering why I'm the one stepping down from this. Simply because I'm fed up with her bull**** and her constant defenses about it that make no damn sense whatsoever. I swear though, if she copies again... Also, sadly, no more previews or whatnot of version 3. I don't want her copying again until it's officially out.

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