Tales of Merchandise Monthly Issue #2: May 2012 - Tales of Xillia Merch Galore!

Welcome once again to AC's "Tales Merch Monthly" column! To those who missed last month's debut post, this new column of ours focuses on any upcoming Tales of Series related merchandise, as well as those that (we think) are already available and are worth collecting. From shirts, to figures, to even keychains, we'll try to cover as much as we can! The column will be out every month, and will focus on stuff just released/to be released for that same month, as well as Tales stuff you can pre-order that will come out in the coming two months.Majority of the merchandise are related to Tales of Xillia, hence the subtitle.

New pre-orders:


Tales of Xillia Jude and Milla Graphigs will be released early June of this year. To those unfamiliar with them, Graphigs are basically paper crafts or origami of various characters made by Cospa. Yuri and Flynn previously had their own Graphigs released. This time, it's Jude and Milla's turn. I was supposed to update on this earlier, but I'm sad to say I didn't. Now, only Amiami has the things still available for pre-order. All other slots in other shops are fresh out.

» Tales of Xillia Jude Graphig - Amiami
» Tales of Xillia Milla Graphig - Amiami

Tales of Xillia will be getting three sets of jigsaw puzzles on late June of this year. One set features a group artwork of the whole cast (500 piece jigsaw puzzle), while the other two have the girls and the guys separated (these were actually Viva! Tales of Magazine covers, 300 piece puzzles each).

» Tales of Xillia 500 Large Pieces Puzzle (group) - Amiami | CDJapan |HobbySearch | YesAsia

» Tales of Xillia 300 Piece Puzzle (Jude, Alvin & Rowen) - Amiami |CDJapan | HobbySearch | YesAsia

» Tales of Xillia 300 Piece Puzzle (Milla, Leia & Elise) - Amiami | CDJapan |HobbySearch | YesAsia

Talesring is a series of Tales radio shows by Tales character voice actors being done over at Animate.Talesring Xillia Volumes 1 and 2 are now available for pre-order, with Vol. 1 featuring Jude, Milla and Elise's voice actors to be released on May 23, and Vol 2 featuring Leia, Alvin and Rowen's voice actors to be released on June 20.

» Talesring Xillia Vol. 1 - Play-Asia | CDJapan | YesAsia

» Talesring Xillia Vol. 2 - Play-Asia | Amiami | CDJapan | YesAsia


Two Tales products from ALTAiR will again be getting re-releases: TheTales of Vesperia Flynn Scifo 1/8 Scale Figure and the Yuri Lowell Bousou Otoko Plushie. The Flynn figure is scheduled for an August 2012 re-release, while the Yuri plushie is for a September 2012 re-release.

» Flynn Scifo 1/8 Scale Figure (restock, Aug 2012 release) - Play-Asia |CDJapan | HobbySearch | Amiami | YesAsia

» Yuri Lowell Bousou Otoko Plushie (restock, Sept 2012 release) - Play-Asia(not yet available here) | CDJapan | HobbySearch | Amiami | YesAsia

Other items for pre-order:

» Viva! Tales of Magazine July 2012 Issue (Late May Release) -HobbySearch

» Tales of Graces f Manga Volume 2 - CDJapan

» Tales of Graces f Official Scenario Book - CDJapan

» Tales of Festival 5th Anniversary Fans' Bible - Play-Asia | HobbySearch

From Last Month's Issue:

» Tales of Xillia Milla Maxwell Figure by ALTER (September 2012 release) -Hobby Search | CDJapan | Amiami | YesAsia

» Tales of Vesperia Rita Mordio Figure by ALTER (Late June 2012 release) -Hobby Search | CDJapan | Amiami | YesAsia

» Tales of Vesperia Yuri Lowell Figure by ALTAiR (Restock, Late June 2012 release) - CDJapan | Hobby Search | Amiami | YesAsia

» Tales of Friends Rubber Straps: Vol. 4 (July 30, 2012 release) - CDJapanHobby Search | YesAsia

» Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike DVD/Blu-ray Box (English) (June 26, 2012 release) - Amazon | RightStuf

» Tales of Symphonia: The Animation - United World Episode Vol. 2 (June 20, 2012 release):
Regular Edition: Play-Asia | Amiami | CDJapan
Collectors' Edition: Play-Asia | Amiami | CDJapan

Last month was the release of this beautiful 1/8 scale figure of Luke fon Fabre by ALTAiR. The figure also comes with Luke's short-haired head. It's so popular that I actually know someone who bought two of these! To those who still want to avail of Luke, he's pretty much sold out everywhere. However, he's still available over at Amiami, your cheapest choice for this. You can also go for the more expensive YesAsia... or eBay. Best prepare your wallets, though.

The Tales of Vesperia school supplies set has also just been released last week. Take the whole Vesperia cast to your school as mechanical pencils, rulers, pencil boards or tin cases! Sadly, the following are the only ones still available:

» Tales of Vesperia Tin Pen Cases - Yuri (YesAsia); Flynn (YesAsia)

The Tales of Innocence R Perfect Guide published by Enterbrain contains pretty much everything about ToI-R. The book has the entire story walkthrough, sub-events, skits list, an items list, a monsters list, character Artes, titles and abilities and various artwork from the game.

» Tales of Innocence R Perfect Guide - Play-Asia | CDJapan |Hobby Search

The June 2012 issue of Viva! Tales of Magazine was just released last week, with a cover featuring Genis, Presea and Mithos from Tales of Symphonia. I think this was in observance of Children's Day last May 5.

» Viva! Tales of Magazine June 2012 Issue - HobbySearch |YesAsia

If you still don't have a PS3 and you're actually planning to buy one, why not make it a little more sassy and get the PlayStation 3 Tales of Xillia X Edition Console? This bundle comes with a customized PS3 and the Tales of Xillia game. Play-Asia currently has the console at $23 off their usual price, but stock is limited. YesAsia also has it up, but that's going to burn a hole through your wallet.

» PlayStation 3 Tales of Xillia X Edition Console - Play-Asia | YesAsia


I was really impressed with the manga rendition of Tales of Graces f. The art is actually really, really beautiful, something I didn't expect. The same goes for the two manga versions of Tales of Xillia, one for theJude side and one for the Milla side. So far, the Milla side seems to be the better choice between the two. The first volumes of the three manga above are still available at the following shops:

» Tales of Graces F Manga Vol. 1 - CDJapan | YesAsia

» Tales of Xillia Manga Side: Jude Vol. 1 - CDJapan

» Tales of Xillia Manga Side: Milla Vol. 1 - CDJapan

And that's it for this month's Tales Merch Monthly! Stay tuned next month for any upcoming Tales of Series merchandise!

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