Tales of Vesperia PS3 Released in Japan Today + Official Site Updated

Today (or rather, 2 hours after this post is made) marks the actual release of Tales of Vesperia PS3. To those who pre-ordered the game and to those who already have the game, may you all enjoy your lovely new copies. Tales of Vesperia PS3 Release DayI've been viewing a live stream of the game since the other day, and I have to say, the game looks lovely. To those who do not have the game but want to know about the changes, I suggest keeping track of the Tales of Vesperia PS3 thread in the Official Tales Forums. Keep in mind that the thread has spoilers (though they are usually written in an unreadable font size).


Tales of Vesperia PS3 JP Site UpdateThe Tales of Vesperia PS3 JP Official Site's System section has been updated today. Specifically, the Item Synthesis, Cooking, Custom (Costume Titles and Attachments) and Skit pages of the said section have been updated. The information is basically the same as the one in the Xbox 360 Version Site, though this time around, they contain a few different screenshots.

ToV PS3 SurveyAlso, on September 24 - November 29, 2009, the usual game survey will be up. Those who will be taking the survey will get a wallpaper, like the one at the left.

Tales of Vesperia PS3 will also be featured in the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2009. On September 26, "Yappari! (I Knew It! or something to that effect) Tales of in TGS 2009 ~Vesperia and Graces Day~" will be held from 1:10-2:10pm. Onosaka Masaya (Zelos Wilder's JP VA) will be the MC during this event.


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