Tales of Asteria JP: 10th Anniversary Party Flynn & Patty

Duration: 09/20/18 - 4:00PM ~ 11/01/18 - 4:59AM JST

Anniversary Party Flynn and Patty are available free for logging in (Patty) and doing Event Missions (Flynn.)

All items needed to awaken Patty into a 6 star unit are available simply just by logging in for 7 days - All 4 copies to Max Limit Break her 5 star version arrive in your mail box on the first day, while the final awakening medal is granted to you by logging in on the 7th day.

Flynn, however, will be locked behind mission requirements. Such tasks require you to complete 10 material gathering quests or 10 experience books quests in the daily quest tab. Once these requirements are met, he will appear in your inbox. These missions will disappear on 11/1/18, so there is still plenty of time left. Knock them out while you can!

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