Tales of the Rays JP: 'FIGHTING OF THE SPIRIT: Chapter of Wind' Event Overview

Enjoy this year's last Summer Festival event!

The fourth chapter in the 'FIGHTING OF THE SPIRIT' event series! From September 14 (14:00 JST) to October 01 (13:59 JST)!
Join forces with Klarth (Tales of Phantasia), Kohaku and Hisui (Tales of Hearts) to defeat Sylph!

Play the event stages and gather Wind Element and Crystal Element currencies to exchange for various items at the event shop.
KohakuHisuiKongwai and Illia's gears have higher bonus drop for the event currencies.
Also, various missions to get these currencies are available.

The event shop will be available until October 01 (13:59 JST).

BOSS CHALLENGE is back again, like in the previous FIGHTING OF THE SPIRIT event!
There are 45 BOSS Stages in total, clearing all of them will grant players with up to 240 Diamonds and a bunch of other rewards.
Rewards like Kohaku and Hisui's event 4* weapons (as well as materials needed to strengthen them up!), Prisms and Victory Tickets.

The gacha banner associated with the event will be available until October 01 (13:59 JST) and contains 4 characters: KohakuHisui, Illia and Kongwai.
There is a rate-up for Kohaku and Hisui's items and for Illia and Kongwai's new Seasonal Mirrages.
Summoning with Mirrogems grants a guaranteed 5* mirror gear and a Summon Ticket.
Ticket summons will be available until October 06 (13:59 JST)
•Getting a Mirrage from the gacha will grant a costume.

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