Tales of Orchestra Concert 2018 Goods Revealed, Yukana's Participation Confirmed

The Tales of Orchestra Concert website has updated with details regarding its special seat bonuses and the goods that will be sold in the venue, as well as announced a new performer.

Yukana (the voice actor of Tear Grants from Tales of the Abyss) will be performing "A Song ~Song by Tear~" (also known as the "Grand Fonic Hymn") along with a full orchestra.

The special seat goods are as follows:

  • Special ticket design
  • Tote bag
  • SD Character Towel
  • Ticket Holder
  • Pamphlet (same as the one that can be bought under "Goods")
  • Pins (with case)

The goods that can be bought at the venue are as follows:

  • Can Badges - 500 yen/ea
  • Concert Light - 2800 yen
  • Rubber Straps - 800 yen/ea
  • Sticker Sheet - 1000 yen
  • Clear File Set (2 pcs) - 700 yen/set
  • Acrylic Stand Charm - 900 yen/ea
  • Stacking Mug Cup - 1300 yen/ea
  • Canvas Tote Bag - 2000 yen
  • Pamphlet - 2000 yen
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