Tales of Asteria JP: Alice's Ambition Summer Event


07/31/18 - 3:59PM JST (Missions)

08/07/18 - 11:59PM JST (Shop)

Another freebie 5 star that can be awakened into a 6 star! Participating in these event missions will reward you with "driftwood" which can unlock a wide variety of power ups along with Alice (the mentioned "freebie" 6 star character card.)

In addition to collecting driftwood to obtain the target number rewards, you can also exchange them in the shop to purchase gels, power ups, and the needed material to uncap her into 6 star. This material only costs 3,500 driftwood, but you'll still have to get 30,000 for the target score in obtaining the remaining materials and cards. (Additionally, last year's Rutee event card is also up for sale on the shop. Grab her if you missed out on her last year!)


And finally, the collected driftwood also counts towards Guild rewards! This year, Presea is featured as the grind-able character card. Your guild must acquire a cumulative total of 125,000 driftwood in order for her to be fully uncapped. Unfortunately, like Rutee, she caps at 4 stars. (Good for completionists and wallpaper enthusiasts, however!) These will be awarded to all players once the event is over.

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