Tales of Asteria Ends Service in Japan on May 18, 2023, Memorial Book Announced

After 9 years in service...

After being online for 9 years, Tales of Asteria has announced that servers will be closing this May.

This is late in terms of our coverage, but, Tales of Asteria, the Japan-exclusive mobile game for Tales which was released nine years ago, has announced the closure of its servers on May 18, 2023.

Tales of Asteria, initially released in Japan last March 2014 for the Android and iOS, was developed by KLab and featured a tap-based battle system utilizing portrait artworks of various Tales characters done by WIT Studio. The game also featured a series of various chapters with their own openings with prominent artists such as Bonnie Pink and Nana Mizuki. Sadly, it never did reach Western shores.

By April 13th, the game's paid currency, Asteria Stones, will no longer be available for purchase. A series of campaigns which will include free Asteria Stones, free 100 summons and free 5 star select summons will be released sequentially. In addition, the game's final scenario will also be released in May.

Despite servers closing for the game, a Tales of Asteria Memorial Book will be released late July 2023 and will feature artwork of all characters 4 star and above. The more expensive Asobi Store Special Edition will include 150 character design reference artworks. Pre-orders will be accepted until June 25th. Asobi Store ships to Japan only and you will need a proxy to order. We personally recommend FromJapan. Alternatively, CDJapan also offers the Special Edition through their own proxy service for a fee.

In addition, Tales of Asteria's soundtrack is now available via digital platforms. This includes 21 songs never included in previous CD releases. The soundtrack is available worldwide. You can view streaming/purchase options here.

Lastly, for those with Bandai Namco IDs and also playing Tales of the Rays, a migration campaign is being held wherein you can choose six illustrations from Asteria to transfer to Rays to be used as home screen illustrations.

It's sad that the Tales mobile scene is slowly dwindling, with the exception of Tales of the Rays that is currently having a major update.

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