Tales of Asteria JP: Tales of Orchestra 2018 Login Campaign

Duration: 09/29/18 - 5:00AM ~ 10/15/18 - 4:59AM JST

Tales of Asteria celebrates the 2018 Orchestra concert by giving away a free awakenable 5 star Marta! Login for 7 days before 10/15 to get all the required materials in order to turn her into a 6 star unit. Like the Tales of Vesperia Anniversary Party login campaign, the first day will reward you with all 4 copies of the character to fully limit break them to level 80. Logging in on the 7th day will give you the last of all the required materials to turn Marta into a 6 star. (Bear in mind that this campaign ends much sooner than the Vesperia Party login, so be sure to log in 7 times on different days before 10/15.)

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