Tales of the Rays JP: Mirrage Prison's Chapter 9 Released


『The Shepherd Who Wears The Azure Power』brings Armatization to the game!
Mirrage Prison's 9th chapter heavily focuses on Lloyd and Kratos, as well as Sorey and Mikleo, while Aster (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World) makes his first appearance in the game!

•There is no recruitable character in this chapter.

There are two different gacha banners associated with this chapter.

A regular banner containing SoreyLudgerYuri and Kocis is available from September 25 (14:00 JST) to October 25 (14:59 JST).
This banner has both their Overray Mirrages and Regular Mirrages, though there is a rate-up ONLY for Regular Mirrages.
10x summons guarantees a Sorey Summon Ticket.

A Step-Up banner containing SoreyLudgerYuri and Kocis is also available, from September 25 (14:00 JST) to October 10 (13:59 JST).

Step 1 costs 100 mirrogems and has a x1.5 rate up for Overray Mirrage.
Step 2 costs 300 mirrogems and guarantees a 4-star weapon or higher.
Step 3 costs 600 mirrogems and guarantees a 4-star weapon or higher and a Sorey Summon Ticket.
Step 4 costs 800 mirrogems and guarantees a 5-star Mirror Gear or higher and 2 Sorey Summon Tickets.
Step 5 costs 1000 mirrogems and guarantees a Mirrage.

Ticket summons will be available until October 31 (13:59 JST).

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