Tales of Crestoria: "New Year's Mochi Panic!" Event

Kanata and Rokurou Memoria Stones for New Year's!

Kanata Mochi Panic Banner

The latest event in Tales of Crestoria is New Year's Mochi Panic!, featuring Kanata and Rokurou from Tales of Berseria. This event is a chance to get SSR and SR memoria stones of Kanata and Rokurou respectively. (Like other events, these memoria stones do not become characters when you receive them.) The event will run from Thursday, December 31, 2020 at 2:00am EST to Friday, January 15, 2021 at 1:59am. The exchange for the event will remain open until Friday, January 22, at 1:59am though. The story premise for this event is:

New Year's Day. Kanata and Misella are enjoying some delicious mochi together when they learn of a series of tragic incidents in which people have choked on mochi during a speed-eating contest. Public outcry is growing, and if it continues, mochi may be considered evil. To protect mochi and the people involved in its production from being broadcast by a vision orb, Kanata and Misella set out to find the root of the problem.

Mochi Speed Eating Contest

To receive all of the event rewards, players must clear the quests and complete multiple Lover of Gleaming Mochi raids. The quests drop Fabre Mochi and Gold Dust Mochi as rewards. Fabre Mochi can be collected and used for the event exchange, which includes Kanata and Rokurou's memoria stones, gleamstones, and a variety of ascension materials. Gold Dust Mochi are used to open an instance of the raid. The Lover of Gleaming Mochi raid drops more Fabre Mochi with a very rare chance of also dropping a Rokurou SR memoria stone or even a Kanata SSR memoria stone. Clearing both quests and raids also awards you Event Points, which will accumulate to earn even more prizes.

Fabre Mochi with a picture of Luke smiling
Apparently Luke is the mascot of his family's mochi company!

Certain characters from recent summons also have Attack bonuses during this event. Luke [New Year's First Light] and Cheria [A New Year's Banquet], the characters from the latest Premium Summons, each have a 50% ATK increase during this event's quests and raids. Asbel [Under an Azure Sky], the featured character in the current Select Summon, has a 30% ATK boost. Their associated memoria stones also have the same stat bonus. The Kanata and Rokurou memoria stones that are obtained during this event have a 20% and 10% ATK bonus respectively.

When fully awakened, the Kanata memoria stone provides an 18% ATK increase to the character it is attached to. The Rokurou one provides a 16% increase to the Evasion rate of a dual-blades type ally. Kanata's stats are 9,000 HP, 1,600 ATK, and 800 DEF at level 100 with all adornment stones. Rokurou's stats are 5,500 HP, 1,600 ATK, and 400 DEF at level 100 with all adornment stones.

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