Tales of the Rays: Everlasting Destiny Short Anime in Production

Featuring Stahn and Leon!

The official Tales of the Rays Twitter has just announced an upcoming short anime featuring Stahn and Leon.

The upcoming new short anime, entitled Tales of the Rays: Everlasting Destiny. The story will focus on a new story involving Tales of Destiny's Stahn Aileron and Leon Magnus and is connected to the final chapter of the 2nd Tales of the Rays arc during the events of the "rescue."

It seems to be an actual animated short and as the Tweet announced, this will not be a "theater" (or the animated shorts that feature the characters as chibi) and it is also not an April Fool's Joke. As to why they had to announce that, I'm not entirely sure.

More details will be available in the future.

Tales of the Rays
Tales of BerseriaTales of the Rays is a Tales mobile game for the iOS and Android featuring characters designed by Hidenori Matsuraba and a new ADF-LMBS (Advanced Flick Linear Motion Battle System). The game tells the story of hero Ix Nieves and heroine Mileena Weiss in the world of Tir Na Nog. Characters from the previous Tales titles appear in this game. The game initially had an English version, but was short-lived and now currently runs exclusively in Japan.

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Tales of DestinyTales of Destiny is the second title to be released for the Tales of Series and is the first in the entire series to get localized for North America. It is the first game to feature character designs by Mutsumi Inomata. The game, originally for the PS1, eventually got a full remake for the PS2, as well as a Director’s Cut featuring a story arc from popular Tales character Leon Magnus’s point of view. Tales of Destiny 2 is its direct sequel.

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