Tales of VS. for Mobile + New Director's Video + Game OP Movie Leaked

4Gamer.net has been updated with info about the Tales of VS. for Mobileapplication. There will apparently be the use of a login ID and password in order to send and receive data from your Tales of VS. PSP game to your Tales of VS. Mobile game. With this you can view status, equipment or even get bonus items. 

tovsmobile ToVSdirecvid7 Tales of VS. Leaked OP Movie
In Tales of VS. for Mobile, you have options to make your own character and change their Guild, Job, Title and Accessories.

For Mobile will be using a system called a Command Battle, where in you input any one of the following four commands for your character to follow: Attack, Defend, Use Skill or Counter. There are a total of 10 turns. Your victory is pretty much determined by how well you predict your enemy's next move (it reminds me a lot of Suikoden's one-on-one battles). Signature skills/artes in the Tales of Series will also be available here. A few screenshots have been added here.

Speaking of Tales of VS., scores on Famitsu's review on the game are in. The game garnered an 8/8/8/8 score from the gaming magazine.

Also, the Director's Corner of the Tales of VS. site has updated with it's seventh video, showing Caius and Kyle performing combos (Sorry director, they said they wanted you decapitated XD).

Director's message: "Caius in VS. has very good speed and movement, so I used those here in making combos. You see here that right after Caius performs Majinken (and Majinken Souga), he's able to catch up with the waves of that arte, unlike the other characters. Caius has his own personal Acceleration skill, so his movement is outrageously faster. I then used the Overlimit to send the enemy to the next platform of the stage and finally, Beast Blow.

"As for Kyle in VS., he specializes more in battles on the ground. Because of this, it's actually hard to perform a combo with Kyle wherein the enemy will be sent flying, but I managed to perform a combo that sent Ruca flying. The aerial combo part are actually artes that have been cancelled in mid-air and replaced with a new one before the enemy or Kyle goes back down."

And lastly, the game opening for Tales of VS. has been leaked over atNicoNicoDouga! Lyrrad has also uploaded it to YouTube. I'm not going to risk AC's YouTube account by uploading a game opening ahead of time, so yeah. To those who want it though, here's a mid-quality download. This was supposed to be at a bigger resolution (the original was 640x363), but even at the original resolution, the quality wasn't so good, so I reduced it to 480x272 (standard PSP resolution).

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