Tales of Luminaria Ends Service July 19, Future Weekly Episodes Discontinued

New Episodes Discontinued

Tales of Luminaria has just announced that the game is ending service for both the Japanese and English servers this July.

Sad news for everyone playing the game. Tales of Luminaria's Development Team has just announced that the game will end service this July 19, 2022, 7PM PDT.

In an extended message from the development team, they apologize that they could not do enough for the game to make it playable over a long time.

All items can still be used until July 19, 2022, 7PM PDT. As of today, purchase of additional PB-Stones has been discontinued.

Weekly episode distribution will also end today. This means that some characters will not be getting their episode 2. In replacement of this, they have prepared a special Episode Final which takes place right before the Tales of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad anime. The episode focuses on the reason why Hugo sided with the Empire eventually. The last episode released for the game also happens to be Hugo's Episode 2.

The team is also considering archiving the costumes, design, illustrations, etc. of the characters released as a digital application accessible outside of the game. A sound track for the game is also being worked on.

The last scheduled update is set for end of May 2022, which will include:

  • Episode Final
  • LV UP Campaign Stage Renewal
  • Memorial Summon for all 21 characters
  • New 5-star episode 2 costumes and weapons of Vanessa, Gaspard, Amelie and Lydie
  • Exchange tickets for 5-star costumes and weapons
  • New 3-star costume "Work Outfit" for August
  • Multiplayer Boss Battle update
  • Login calendar reward updates

The official website and trailers will also be taken down in conjunction with the end of service.

The team also would like to express their sincere thank you for all the support for Tales of Luminaria. They apologize for not living up to your expectations and having to announce the end of service. Although there is a short time remaining, they hope fans will still enjoy the game until the end.

More details on the end of service will be announced soon.

Tales of Luminaria
Tales of LuminariaTales of Luminaria is an upcoming Tales of Series original title for iOS and Android released November 2021. The game was first announced during Gamescom Opening Night Live. Unlike the recent Tales mobile games, Luminaria has been reported to have its own original world with only original characters and no previous Tales characters, as well as an English dub. Unfortunately, the game has announced termination of service worldwide on July 19, 2022.

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