Tales of The Rays celebrates Tales of Graces f's 10th Anniversary with Spirit Gears!

Gracefully Ending The Year

That's right, this past December was not just the 25th anniversary of the series and the 15th anniversary of Tales of The Abyss. It was also the 11th anniversary of Tales of Graces and the 10th anniversary of Tales of Graces f. The last Rays event this month and, indeed, this year is dedicated to Graces!

That isn't the only way Rays is celebrating the year end though. There's quite a few things to do well into January. Before we get into them though, let's talk about the new Spirit Gears! The 3 characters who get new Spirit Gears this time around are Asbel who gets a Dark Spirit Gear from Shadow, Cheria with a Water Spirit Gear from Undine and Richard who gets a Wind Spirit Gear from Sylph. The Graces cast using the traditional spirits may be a little odd, but the Producer's Letter actually mentioned that Lambda isn't a Spirit, and Richard's Spirit Gear Mirrage Arte has a surprise appearance from Gloandi, Windor's Valkines Cryas! As with all Spirit Gears, each character gets a new costume, new weapon, new Spirit Gear Mirrage Arte and new 5*s. Spirit Gears can be farmed for, not just obtained through the gacha (though you'll have to gacha if you want the new 5*s). Simply playing through the event is enough to obtain the new costumes, so be sure to do that! Also, the Zestiria Spirit Gear characters, Sorey, Rose and Alisha give bags as well, so use that knowledge to build a full team.

A Spirit Gear event isn't exactly a traditional New Year's event. We may get a new one in January, but proper New Year's Celebrations do start now! There's not one but 3 events rerunning currently, so be sure to play through all of them and claim their dia! You don't have to redo any of the quests to farm reruns either: once you're done with them, all you have to do is spend AP on quests, use Mirrage Artes and perform Just Inputs on your artes and you'll get rerun currency. Farm the Spirit Gear and you can essentially farm all rerun events at once! They also updated the ticket rerun pool and gave out a free rerun ticket, so now's the perfect chance to start a personal rerun (or 3) and maximize your farming.

Here's a timetable for the current events, their shops, banners and a new tower! Keep this handy, and we'll explain how to get new Spirit Gears below, as well as give you the promised Arte and costume previews at the bottom of the article like usual.

Tales of The Rays Year End Events Start Time End Time
Tales of Graces Spirit Gear Event December 31 2020, 14:00 JST January 10 2021, 20:59 JST
Spirit Gear Event Shop December 31 2020, 14:00 JST January 17 2021, 20:59 JST
Spirit Gear Bag Gacha December 31 2020, 14:00 JST January 18 2021, 20:59 JST
Graces Spirit Gear Gacha Banners December 31 2020, 14:00 JST January 30 2021, 20:59 JST
Lilith/Lymle Colosseum Event Rerun December 20 2020, 14:00 JST January 11 2021, 20:59 JST
Lilith/Lymle Event Shop December 20 2020, 14:00 JST January 18 2021, 20:59 JST
Lilith/Lymle Gacha Banner December 20 2020, 14:00 JST January 11 2021, 20:59 JST
New Years Estelle/Karol + Rokurou Event Reruns December 31 2020, 14:00 JST January 10 2021, 20:59 JST
New Years Estelle/Karol + Rokurou Event Shops December 31 2020, 14:00 JST January 17 2021, 20:59 JST
New Years Estelle/Karol + Rokurou Gacha Banners
December 31 2020, 14:00 JST January 11 2021, 20:59 JST
January Tower of Ancient Progenitors December 31 2020, 14:00 JST January 30 2021, 20:59 JST
December All-Out Tower December 20 2020, 14:00 JST January 20 2021, 20:59 JST

That's a lot to play for the new year! If it's too much to keep track of, it might be simpler to just finish each event by January 10 2021. We'll have a new PV up by then too! There's also New Year's Challenge Quests that give us New Year's themed fights (starting with a cow themed Poliwigle) which gives you one attempt a day, resets daily and will run for 10 days! Also, the Anniversary Boss Challenge is still running which you can check out here.

Now, here's a refresher on how to acquire and upgrade spirit gears, since it was changed for arc 4 a few months ago! Once you complete every quest in the Spirit Gear Event, head to the character upgrade tab, in the very middle on the bottom of the screen.

Then touch the "ALL" button on the top left.

From here, there's a list of buttons on the right. The important ones are the two on the bottom right. To buy a new Spirit Gear, click the left button.

This will take you to a list of Level 1 Spirit Gears available to buy. You can only have one of each! (This is my screenshot, and I already bought all of them, that's why all of them are sold out.) after that, return to the ALL screen and hit the button on the very corner on the bottom right.

This will show all the Spirit Gears you have available to upgrade. Tap the one you want and use the slider on the right to expend the amount of shards you need to level it up! You should have enough to buy a Level 1 Spirit Gear and upgrade it to level 2 if you completed all the quests, but you need Level 3 to use the new Spirit Gear Mirrage Arte, so that's your impetus to keep farming!

That's it for the event explanation. Here are the promised Arte and costume previews, as well as a look at the concept art for the new Spirit Gears!

Concept Art

Richard's Spirit Gear is based on his Lineage And Legacies outfit from Tales of Graces f! It's not literally the outfit however, he's also sporting a VERY armored take on the look, with a few cues from his original default costume too. Meanwhile, Asbel and Cheria's Spirit Gears look more eastern. Asbel in particular has a more Samurai inspired look, which is fitting for his fighting style and choice of weapon!


Asbel already hit the quota for new 5*s with his decisive Mirrage Arte: two 5*s and 1 Reverse 5*. So he only gets the Spirit Gear this event, no new 5*. Still, he's already one of the best characters in the game, and a spirit gear makes him even better! The animation for the Spirit Gear Mirrage Arte calls Incineration Wave to mind.


Cheria gets one new Reverse 5*: Scathing Harvest! It allows her to chain very fast, which is useful if you want to quickly use a regular Master Arte. The Master Arte version has healing properties as well!


Richard has 2 new 5*s this event: Sword Deluge and a new aerial arte! Also, his Spirit Gear features Gloandi, Windor's Valkines Cryas, which fits his getting a Wind Spirit Gear.

That's it for this event. 2020 was a great year for Tales of The Rays, and 2021 will bring many more great things. The producers have promised all party members from the Mothership titles will be playable by the anniversary in February. If promises are kept, that means 5 new characters in the next 2 months! They also promised to celebrate Phantasia and Abyss' anniversaries throughout the year too. The last few months may have been a doozy of many events, anniversaries and crossovers, but Rays isn't slowing down any time soon! As always, check back here for the latest news. A new PV should be up for January 2021 next week!

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