Tales of Graces Official Site Updated with Game Spec and Character Sections

The Tales of Graces official website has finally been updated today, with the Spec and Character sections now available for viewing. The site opens up with a beautiful shower of flower petals scattering around the characters' group art.

Tales of Graces Official Site Update
There really isn't anything new in this update, except for that group art being confirmed as the art for the game's Japanese box-art, info on Richard and the game, and the Kamenin Merchant DS mini-game being playable at Tokyo Game Show 2009.

ToG Box-artThe previously revealed group art of the characters is now confirmed as the Japanese box-art's cover (though we did kind of see that coming). The game is given the CERO B rating (ages 12 and up), the same rating as Tales of Innocence, Tales of Hearts, Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.



RichardThe update also has Richard's statistical information.
Age: 19 years old
Weight: 67 kilograms
Height: 178 centimeters

The rest of the character pages contain stuff we already know. Just to note, the spelling "Sophie" is now confirmed, so let's stop calling her "SoPhie".

Lastly, the Kamenin Merchant game, which will be able to download to your DS from the ToG game via DS Download Play has been announced to be playable in Tokyo Game Show 2009.

Our gallery has been updated with the art from the official site. The character images are annoyingly small, but I still added them anyway. You can view them here, enjoy.

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