Tales of The Rays: Eternal Love and the Miracle of Bonds Event now live!

Darkness of the Outer Limits, Undulation of Whirling Light

At long last, one of the classic Tales antagonists joins us: Shizel from Tales of Eternia!

Hope you got what you wanted out of the last spirit gear event because it's time for a new event! This time we're getting a Tales of Eternia focused event featuring none other than Shizel! There's a lot happening this time, and a lot of love for Eternia, so strap yourselves in!

First up is the event itself: Eterna Love and the Miracle of Bonds! The other featured characters in this event besides Shizel are Reid, Farah and Meredy! While this event is NOT a raid, it still follows the pattern of previous boss raids by giving us two Decisive Mirrages and an Overray Mirrage. In this case, Farah and Meredy will be getting Decisive Mirrages, and Reid (who already has one) will be getting an Overray Mirrage! All four characters will also be getting costumes, and there's an extra one for Keele if you manage to pull Meredy's new Mirrage in the Gacha.

The Event Period will run from November 30th, 14:00 JST to December 12th 13:59 JST while the associated banner will run from November 30th, 15:00 JST to November 13th 13:59 JST. There's also a step up that'll run from November 30th, 14:00 JST to December 9th 13:59 JST! By the way, in keeping up with the promises of the 1000 day anniversary, there are free multis on this event's banner and others as well, so keep a close eye on the gacha list!

Also note that All banners from now on will have an associated GRADE shop as part of the new Gacha Ceiling system. For this banner, gear for Keele, Celsius and Chat will be available in the GRADE shop despite not being part of the gacha pool. You can accumulate grade by pulling on a banner.

This Event also works in a slightly unique fashion. While it runs the normal event formula of having two currencies to farm and an event shop, there's also an unlockable Hidden Treasure quest you can clear to get tickets. Said tickets can be exchanged for the first 5* Mirrage Gears for the Eternia cast.

In addition to the event, all Eternia characters will now have 6th enhancements on their artes! The Turtlez shop will have a 50% off sale on those character's weapons, and obviously this means 6th enhancement materials for Eternia characters are now available. As a result we're getting a new batch of carnival weekends as well:
November 30th, 21:00 to 23:59 JST
December 1st: 11:00 ~ 13:59 JST
December 1st: 21:00 ~ 23:59 JST
December 7th: 11:00 ~ 13:59 JST
December 7th: 21:00 ~ 23:59 JST
December 8th: 11:00 ~ 13:59 JST
December 8th: 21:00 ~ 23:59 JST

If you've scrolled down this far... you're probably interested in the usual Costume and Mirrage Arte previews for the event!


If the Mirrage Arte looks familiar to you... it's because it's her classic Flame Dance Mystic Arte extension! You may also recognize it by the name of Fire Dragon Rampage. As for Farah's costume, this christmas tree like dress is actually her Winter outfit from Eternia, which fans would recognize from the quest to find Celsius in said game.

Meredy (and Keele!)

As you can see, Meredy's Mirrage will come with Keele's costume as well. As with Farah above, they'll be getting their winter outfits from Eternia!


As you may recall, Reid already has his Winter outfit, so this time we get a season appropriate Santa Claus outfit! Goes nicely with Farah's Christmas Tree-like outfit, wouldn't you say? Also, Reid's Overray Mirrage can change to Eternal Infinity to counter Shizel's Mirrage, just like in Eternia!


Here you can get a good look at Shizel's two costumes- her default based on her appearance post-Nerid, and her more gentler pre-Nereid look. Amazingly enough, you can also unlock alternate voices to match each state! (The preview images also hint at the transforming nature of Reid's Mirrage Arte.)

That's it for this event. Hope you enjoy the Eternia love as much as we are, and as always, check back soon for more info!

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