Tales of The Rays: Tales of Petit Tour tie-in event now live!

Zelos appears nonetheless!

We hope you haven't been relaxing too soon after the Spirit Gear event-Tales of Petit Tour is soon and that means a new event as well!

Similar to the concurrent events last month to tie into Bandai Namco festival, Tales of The Rays started a new tie-in event to Tales of Petit Tour featuring Zelos!  The Event Period will run from November 16st, 14:00 JST to November, 24th 23:59 JST while the associated banner will run from November 16st, 15:00 JST to November 24th 13:59 JST. However, unlike the usual event, this event will actually have new, different quests each day (except for the first two days, which will have the same quest) so you'll have to do the event each day as well. Completing them each day gives you Hot Spring tickets to exchange for Yuri's new Onsen costume, Zelos' first 5*, posters, gifts and spirrogems. While the banner features Zelos' new seasonal mirrage, it also features Yuri's old New Year's mirrage.

Check out the Mirrage Arte and costume(s) below!

Zelos (and Yuri's costume)

It's Shining Bind!... kind of.

Enjoy the hot springs!

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