Tales of The Rays - Hunting Showdown Event debuts alongside Tytree and Chelsea!

The hunt for the remaining party members continues.

Smackdab in the middle of fall is a new type of autumn event. This year Rays is doing a hunting themed event, a perfect way to introduce two beloved archers!

Just like what was shown in the first preview and what it says on the headline, the debut characters this event are Tytree Crowe from Tales of Berseria and Chelsea Torn from Tales of Destiny! They come with snazzy outfits to stay warm and protected while hunting in the fall. The returning characters naturally also have ranged weapons: Nanaly and Alvin. Nanaly will come with two new 5* artes while Alvin will only get a reverse 5* (but since one of his other 5*s is a collaboration weapon with Gintama, he still has room for one more in the future!). All characters will get new Mirrage artes as well, with Alvin and Nanally getting Hunting themed Seasonal ones.

Here's the timetable for the event. There's also a daily refreshing mission to spend 100 AP each day to get a Victory Ticket, so stay on point with your farming! Otherwise, it uses the standard high/low currency farming format, where featured characters give more valuable high-grade currency (bowls of food in this case) and other characters instead give low currency (mushrooms this time around). Arte and costume previews are at the bottom of the article, like usual.

Hunting Showdown - Leaf Shaking Shock Start Time End Time
Event Period October 23rd, 00:00 JST October 31st, 10:59 JST
Gacha Banner October 23rd, 00:00 JST October 31st, 10:59 JST
Ticket Banner October 23rd, 00:00 JST November 14th, 10:59 JST
Event Shop October 23rd, 00:00 JST November 7th, 10:59 JST

If the times look a little weird to you, it's because this event got delayed. It was set to go live the moment the Star Ocean Rerun ended but unfortunately there were bugs found in the event and in the new 6th enhancements that caused it to be delayed. The bugs were fixed and the event went live at midnight in Japan time. Hopefully you didn't stay up too late!

Speaking of 6th enhancements, there are new 6th enhancements! This time it's for all Destiny 2 characters, not just those featured in the event, so it's the perfect chance to strengthen any Destiny 2 character you like. Note that this includes Dymlos, Chaltier and Atwight, who are considered Destiny 2 characters in Rays (and if you have a problem with that, I suggest taking it up with Bandai Namco.) Barbatos in particular got an AoE enhance on Dead Inferno, so if you're looking to make an already strong character even better...

This event is also one of the rare instances where a new enemy is introduced. This time we're getting the Monkey enemies from the old 2D games! The moveset is entirely new, with one attack it loves doing involving stretching an arm out to deliver a multi-hit slap. It's ironically easier to fight it up close due to this attack, but that's the intended challenge it provides in an event focused on ranged fighters.

The last bit of news for this event is a new co-op event that will run this weekend. This time the focus is on Rays and Rebirth characters, so make sure to prepare your characters from both games. If for whatever reason you can't or don't want to play online, you can always play solo with CPUs to reap the rewards as well. Naturally, each character who didn't have badges before will get new badges now!

Now it's time for the usual arte and costume previews. Let's take a look!

Here's a group shot of the featured characters. The PV said the event would have a hunting theme, but I don't think anyone expected costumes like this. They're still very good looking costumes however. Personally, I think Natalia would fit right in with her default outfit.

Tytree Crowe

Tytree may have been introduced in an event focused on ranged fighters, but his Mirrage Arte reminds us he's a powerful melee fighter as well.

Chelsea Torn

Chelsea can go into the air with her regular attack, and has aerial artes that can take advantage of that fact to keep her in the air and move her around as well!


Alvin gets Dragon Swarm as his new 5* weapon! Also his costume still has a scarf. Can't get rid of his trademark, after all. For his mirrage arte he combines his gun and sword into a powerful gunblade, which is close enough to an old timey bayonet, I guess.

Nanaly Fletcher

Nanaly doesn't stop at just archery, and gains a horse for her Mirrage Arte. Maybe it's a little overkill for just a hunting event, though.

That's all for this event! The next event is the Kanonno Spirit Gear event. Also, the Miracle Boss Challenge is still running until the 25th, so there's only a few days left to reap the rewards! Keep an eye out for more news soon- remember, co-op makes it's official release before the end of the month!

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