Tales of The Rays: Lazaris Raid Event now live! + Version Update details.

Lazaris has her eye(s) on you

Lazaris is finally here, and who better to face off against the descender than the three Kanonnos?

This month has been absolutely packed with events, but it's not over yet. The next Raid event is here, this time returning to the old format of a capture battle against a Boss character- once every players collective point total reaches the threshold, everyone who cleared the raid quests will be granted the new character, in this case Lazaris from Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 3!

The Mirrage Arte distribution is also just like the first Raid Events- the three featured characters all get Decisive Mirrage Artes. Fittingly, the featured characters for this event are Pasca KanonnoKanonno Earhart and Kanonno Grassvalley. In addition, each character will also get a costume based on the upcoming Tales of Orchestra 2019, which you can acquire for yourself by rolling said Mirrage Artes.

The Event Period is runing from September 30th, 14:00 JST to October 15th, 13:59 JST while the associated banner will run from September 30th, 14:00 JST to October 31st, 00:59 JST.

In addition, they have finally rolled out the first batch of 6th level arte enhancements! They will roll out by game title. The first batch is for Phantasia, Radiant Mythology and Rays characters. 6th enhancements need their own enhancement material, which we will get through log in bonuses and summon banners. And on that note, there's a new step up banner for Phantasia characters to commemorate 6th enhancements! The first two steps can be done via dia, at 50 and 100 dia respectively. It'll run from September 30th, 14:00 JST to October 22nd, 00:59 JST.

You'll also notice some new interface changes here and there to match the changes.

Check out the new Mirrage Artes and costumes below! Naturally, each Kanonno's Mirrage Arte animations reference specific shots from their respective game's openings.

Pasca Kanonno

Kanonno Earhart

Kanonno Grassvalley


As usual, check back soon for more info on this and upcoming events!

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