Tales of The Rays Raid Event: The Weaver of Time and The Hollow Guide Now Live!

Hello, sailors!

At long last, we finally get to meet The Weaver of Time herself!

Hope you're not too tired from the summer festivities, because the time is upon us to fight another raid battle. This time, the fight will be against Schwartz from Tales of Legendia, while the character we'll be getting is Grune from the same game! Surprisingly, it seems like this will be the first time a villain is featured in a raid battle but isn't the reward character-Grune will be the only new character this event (though this doesn't rule out the possibility of Schwartz joining us herself properly down the line).

This event will also change up the distribution of Mirrage Artes: while the previous raid battles gave us Decisive Mirrage Artes for 3 protagonists from the series in addition to the new character's gacha Mirrage Arte, this time around we're getting only 2 new Decisive Mirrage Artes. They will be for Senel and Chloe. On the flipside, Shirley will also be a featured character in the event/banner, and she's getting a new Overray Mirrage Arte as was promised in the preview earlier this month. Finally, each mirrage will also come with Sailor Outfits inspired by the outfits worn by the characters during Tales Fes 2018, and Shirley will also be getting her Merines outfit!

By the way, this event marks Grune's first appearance in a 3D LMBS Tales title, which makes playing as her doubly exciting!

The Event Period will run from August 31st, 14:00 JST to September 13th, 13:59 JST while the associated banner will run from August 31st, 14:00 JST to September 30th, 13:59 JST. There's also a step up banner for the event that lasts until September 13th, 14:00 JST, which is par for the course for new Overray Mirrages!

Check out the Mirrage Artes and costumes below!





Click Here to check out our event overview for this raid battle if you want to know how to unlock Grune and get raid points!

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