Tales of Crestoria: "Halloween Night Party" Event

Plus Additional Events Celebrating Tales of Crestoria: The Wake of Sin!

Halloween Night Party

The latest event in Tales of Crestoria is Halloween Night Party, featuring Emil from Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World and Mint from Tales of Phantasia in Halloween costumes. This event is a chance to get SSR and SR memoria stones of Emil and Mint respectively. (Like other events, these memoria stones do not become characters when you receive them.) The event will run from Friday, October 16, 2020 at 3:00am Eastern time to Monday, November 2, 2020 at 1:59am. The exchange for the event will remain open until Sunday, November 8, at 1:59am though. The story premise for this event is:

On the day of Halloween, Emil and his friends visit a village where preparations for a festival are underway. As they wait for the festival to begin, they hear that some village children have entered a dangerous forest. Emil and his friends enter the forest to rescue the children, only to find a small, injured animal.

To receive all of the event rewards, players must clear the quests and complete multiple True Nightmare Raids. The quests drop Jack-o'-Lanterns, Ghost Lanterns, and Halloween Treats (with an adorable Tenebrae cookie in the art) as rewards. Jack-o'-Lanterns and the rarer Ghost Lanterns can be collected and exchanged for prizes at the event exchange. (This event has brought back the two different types of exchange materials mechanic, which we last saw in the Summer Treasure Hunt event.) These prizes include Emil and Mint's memoria stones, gleamstones, adornment stones, and a variety of ascension materials including the Clear Cores, Puricites, Hair of the Sacred Beast, and Godwood necessary for ascending Light elemental characters. Halloween Treats, on the other hand, are used to open an instance of the raid. The True Nightmare raid drops more Jack-o'-Lanterns and Ghost Lanterns with a very rare chance of also dropping a Mint SR memoria stone or even an Emil SSR memoria stone. Clearing both quests and raids also awards you Event Points, which will accumulate to earn even more prizes.

Tenebrae Treat
Adorable Tenebrae Halloween treats!

Certain characters from recent summons also have Attack bonuses during this event. Edna [Looking to the Dawn] and Kongwai [Twilight Incantations] each have a 50% ATK increase during this event's quests and raids. Vicious [Jig of Hot Lead], the featured character in the most recent Select Summon, has a 30% ATK boost. Their associated memoria stones also have the same stat bonus. The Emil and Mint memoria stones that are obtained during this event have a 20% and 10% ATK bonus respectively.

When fully awakened, the Emil memoria stone has an HP of 5,500, an ATK of 2,100, and a DEF of 650. His stone is light element and provides a +38% ATK boost for 2 turns when the battle starts. The Mint memoria stone has an HP of 9,500, an ATK of 1,200, and a DEF of 400. Her stone is earth element and increases the OL gauge of earth allies by 54 at the start of a battle.

Wake of Sin login bonus

In addition to the Halloween Night Party event, there is also an ongoing campaign celebrating tomorrow's release of the Tales of Crestoria: The Wake of Sin short animation. This includes a login bonus (including gleamstones and an SR+ summon ticket), a daily free summon, and a purchasable special pack of 2,980 gleamstones that comes with an SSR summon ticket. (The summon pool for this ticket is more limited than usual. It looks like the newest SSR characters in the pool are the summer seasonal versions of Rutee and Yuri.) Later on, there will also be an event where all Power Up Quests cost half their normal AP (October 21 - November 2) and an event where all Gald Quests reward 1.5x their normal amount of Gald (November 2 - 9).

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