Tales of The Rays: Tales of Vesperia Spirit Gears (Yuri, Repede, Flynn) are here!

Summer's Fatal Strike

Another anniversary celebration: Tales of Vesperia came out on Xbox 360 in August of 2008 in both Japan and the US. The last event Rays will have this month is a Spirit Gear event focused entirely on Vesperia characters!

I'm sure many of you who've seen the August PV for Rays have been waiting all month for this event. Yuri, Repede and Flynn are finally getting their spirit gears! As per usual, these Spirit Gears come with New CostumesNew Mirrage Artes and New Mirrage Arte Cut-Ins! In addition to that, all 3 characters will finally get their Reverse 5* Weapons. What's more, All Vesperia Characters are getting new 6th enhancements, with the event itself providing Vesperia enhancement orbs, so it's the perfect event to make all Vesperia characters even more powerful!

The event and banner times are below. There's actually 2 step ups this time: One for the current event, and one featuring Estelle, Shing and Velvet! As always, costume and arte previews are at the bottom of this article.

Vesperia Spirit Gear Event Start Time End Time
Spirit Gear Event Quests and Missions August 31st, 14:00 JST September 14th, 10:59 JST
Event Shop August 31st, 14:00 JST September 21st, 10:59 JST
Vesperia Spirit Gear Banner August 31st, 14:00 JST September 30th, 10:59 JST
Vesperia Spirit Gear Step Up Banner August 31st, 14:00 JST September 14th, 10:59 JST
Estelle, Kor, Velvet Step Up Banner August 31st, 14:00 JST September 14th, 10:59 JST
Vesperia Spirit Gear Event Tickets August 31st, 14:00 JST September 14th, 10:59 JST

In addition to the featured three, Estelle, Kor and Velvet will also provide bonuses with their own spirit gears. Estelle in particular is the most recommended if you don't run any healing artes on Flynn, and she completes the Vesperia team as well! But you may pick Kor or Velvet if they give a higher bonus for you.

As a reminder, Spirit Gears can be obtained by farming, not just Gacha. Even if you get them from the gacha it's recommended to farm the event for more gacha tickets and materials to upgrade with! If you don't know how to create a spirit gear by farming, here's a handy guide.

First, enter the shop tab from the menu on the bottom, then hit the bottom right button with the two arrows.

Next touch the bottom left button. That hexagonal shape represents the Spirit Gears as opposed to the usual circular mirrages!

Once there, select any character you wish. The new Spirit Gears this time are Yuri, Repede and Flynn so most likely you'll be looking for them.

You'll be taken to this screen. This isn't where you create a spirit gear, this lets you exchange blank shards for character shards. What you want to do is select the second tab from the top left.

And here you'll be given the option to create the Spirit Gear! You'll only be able to do this with enough shards, but thankfully completing all the event quests gives you enough shards to create a Spirit Gear and upgrade it to level 2! I already had Yuri's Spirit Gear when I took this screenshot, so that's why his is marked as obtained.

Speaking of upgrades- Spirit Gears have their own section in the weapon upgrade menu. Find the character you want and select buttons from the bottom row!

The bottom middle enhances the arte itself which is only available at Spirit Gear level 3, while the bottom left lets you upgrade the spirit gear if you have enough shards, working just like regular upgrading.

Spirit Gears provide an increase in stats, a boost to artes of the same element, and a resistance to said element as well as the ability to automatically block artes with the same element, even during attacks! Level 1 Spirit Gears unlock the weapon costume, level 2 the full character costume and level 3 the Arte itself, which has its own separate gauge from regular mirrage artes. Level 4 unlocks a second anima color for the character while 5 unlocks a new cut-in for the character-each made entirely new for Rays! There's also various strength enhancements from levelling the spirit gear such as making the Spirit Gauge fill faster.

Now it's time for this round of costume and arte previews. Just like the previous Legendia focused event, we have detailed concept art released alongside the event itself!

Yuri gets an upgraded Bodhi Blastia that takes his whole forearm on the same arm that glows with the Spirit's Power. Flynn gets a new bodhi blastia on his arm as well, which may be redundant with the bodhi blastia on his chest, but Tir Na Nog works differently from Terca Lumireis. Repede gets armor reminiscent of his father Lambert, a coat similar to the Top Dog's Right Paw costume and even a new pipe!

Now for the individual characters.

Yuri (Shadow)

Dark is the perfect element for Yuri, who is willing to do anything no matter how unscrupulous to save others. In fact, the arte is actually a recreation of a certain cutscene that exemplifies this part of Yuri from Vesperia itself! He gets a dark version of Shredding Palm for his Reverse 5*.

Repede (Sylph)

Using the power of wind, Repede creates a clone of himself to do a double attack with! Or is he perhaps so fast he appears to be in 2 places at once? His Reverse 5* is fittingly the tornado creating arte Shining Dog.

Flynn (Aska)

Flynn chooses the path of law, so he has Light to contrast Yuri's dark, and gets his own shining wing. His Reverse 5* is Dazzling Spin!

And that's it for this event, ending August with a bang. This event's longer than the previous events have been, but don't take it to mean things are slowing down. September's preview will likely come this weekend, so stay on your toes for more news soon!

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