Tales of The Rays x Gintama Collaboration Event Part 1 Now Live!

Today, Gintoki will start Collabs on purpose

Ready to start Tales-Ofing? Gintoki is here to claw his way into a hit franchise!

The collaboration we've previously reported on is now live: Tales of The Rays x Gintama! To reiterate, this collaboration will come in two parts, and the first part starts now! Gintoki is obviously headlining the new characters coming in, but joining him is of course Kagura. That's not all- The third new character is Shinpachi, however since they couldn't make a 3D model for him he will simply appear as his pair of glasses- worn by Hubert. The other returning characters to get new collaboration themed costumes and artes are Edna, who will get a costume based on and a mirrage arte teaming up with Kagura; and Alvin, who will get Gintoki's iconic outfit and a new Mirrage Arte teaming up with him.

The start and end times for the event and associated banner and exchange shop are listed below.

Featured Event: Tales of The Rays x Gintama Start Time End Time
Event Duration January 13th, 18:00 JST January 13th, 18:00 JST
Regular Banners January 13th, 18:00 JST January 30th, 13:59 JST
Ticket Banners January 13th, 18:00 JST January 30th, 23:59 JST
Step Up Banner January 13th, 18:00 JST January 30th, 18:00 JST
Exchange Shop January 13th, 18:00 JST January 30th, 13:59 JST

As you can see, the start and end times for each feature of the event are very close together. This is due to the event being a collaboration, so they likely have a small period of time where they're allowed to run each event feature.

As for the banners, there are 2 of them: the first one has Tales characters and their collaboration Mirrage Artes and costumes. The featured characters are of course, Alvin, Edna and Hubert. All 3 of them will have new 5 star weapons relating to the event. The second banner is for the Gintama characters Gintoki and Kagura. The first MRG Single, as well as the first Dia Multi in the banner are free! Even if you're not interested in the event, you may as well collect your free rolls.

There's also a Dia Step-Up Banner for the Gintama characters. Step-Ups are usually MRG only and therefore inaccessible for F2P players. Like usual for collaborations, however, the step-up this time will let you use Dia as well. It's strongly suggested to go through the steps on the Dia Step up before rolling on the regular banners, as the chances for 5 stars and mirrage artes increase with each step until a Mirrage Arte is Guaranteed. You also get a ticket for each step! It takes 665 Dia or 6650 MRG to go through all the steps.

All 3 Banners will share Grade. So if you want to use your Grade to get a specific item, don't worry about your banner choice- everything contributes to it! As well, getting a Mirrage Arte for each character in the event will also net you their collaboration costume.

And of course, here are the Mirrage Arte previews!


This Mirrage Arte is a parody of Luke's Radiant Howl.


This one parodies Final Fury, although since that arte is unique to each user it may as well be her own version of the move.

Shinpachi (Hubert)

This is, of course, a parody of Hubert's Expiation.


This arte seems to reference Tales of Zestiria's opening animation, but done alongside Kagura.


This is a team attack done with Gintoki. Since they're both voiced by Tomokazu Sugita it may be hard to figure out who's saying what...

That's all the information we have for now. Check back soon for more information on this and upcoming events!

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