Tales of The Rays x Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Collab Announced

In a surprise announcement, a new preview video for Tales of The Rays announcing their next crossover was released. This time the crossover is with the Light Novel/Anime series "Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?" (AKA DanMachi) You can check out the video here.
The video was released on the recently made Official Tales of Youtube channel, but you can watch it here:

There's only 2 new characters coming in the crossover this time! The new characters in this collab are the protagonist of DanMachi Bell Cranel and heroine Ais Wallenstein. Their movesets will incorporate familiar moves from the series such as Bell's Firebolt. Hestia, another main heroine, will also make an appearance in the event. As for the Tales characters who get the usual collab treatment of costumes based on characters, there's three this time! They're Arche, who gets a costume based on fellow broom wielding mage Ryuu LionTear who will get an arte and costume based on Hestia and finally Lailah who'll be dressed as the fox girl Sanjouno Haruhime. As usual everyone will get a new Mirrage Arte based on scenes from the anime, as well as new 5*s. Tear, Arche and Lailah will also get new Reverse 5* artes that won't be limited to the collab going forward.

Unusually, this event seems to be crossing over with the anime specifically, and may be one sided as a way to promote the anime. It doesn't seem like there will be any Tales characters in Danmachi's own gacha game, but we don't know everything! We get to see a bit of gameplay featuring Bell and Ais alongside the Tales characters, as well as snippets of Bell and Ais' Mirrage Artes near the end of the video. There's not much more info about this event to go on for now, but the event will go live by January 31, which is right when the currently running Triverse event ends. We can probably expect a crossover dia step up banner for the collab characters, but we won't know if the format will be the same as the slayers event or other crossovers in the past. As usual, you'll just have to check back soon for more info!

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