Gintama returns to Tales of The Rays with new characters!

Zura ja nai. Yuri da.

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You may remember the Tales of The Rays x Gintama event that ran two years ago. It's back again with 3 parts running concurrently and more characters on both sides of the collab!
Gintama, the best selling comedy action manga/anime franchise ended up being one of the more popular collaborations in Tales of The Rays two years ago (you can see the characters in the event here), but it was missing a major character. Namely, fan favorite Katsura who's no longer on standby and joining the event! Joining him is the antagonistic Takasugi, bringing the total number of Gintama characters to 6! On the Tales side, Yuri gets the trademark Justaway alongside Katsura's outfit while Jade gets in on a voice actor joke with a costume and Artes inspired by Takasugi. Finally, Judith joins in, dressed as Tsukuyo with kunai heavy artes as expected. As usual, all costume and arte previews will be at the bottom of this article.

And of course everyone from the first time this collab ran is here too: Gintoki, Kagura, Hijikata and Sougo join Tales while Alvin, Edna, Hubert, Ludger, Kratos and Fractured Milla get costumes and Artes based on Gintama. You'll be able to recruit all characters by playing through all the related quests in the events tab!

There's also not one, or two, but 6 gacha banners and 6 step up banners for this event, with a few free multis and dia step ups that go a long way to giving you artes from each character. Here's a timetable to keep an eye on for this event!

Tales of The Rays x Gintama Start Time End Time
Gintama Rerun Quests April 30 2022, 18:00 JST May 11 2022, 10:59 JST
Gintama New Story Quests April 30 2022, 18:00 JST May 16 2022, 10:59 JST
Vs. Takasugi Raid April 30 2022, 18:00 JST May 16 2022, 10:59 JST
Gintama Panel Missions April 30 2022, 18:00 JST May  16 2022, 10:59 JST
Gintama Rerun Gacha Banners April 30 2022, 18:00 JST May 16 2022, 10:59 JST
Gintama New Gacha Banners April 30 2022, 18:00 JST May 16 2022, 23:59 JST
Gintama Unison Attack Online Co-Op period May 6 2022, 20:00 JST May 8 2022, 23:59 JST

Be sure to refer back to this if you're worried about how much time you'll have left. Remember, you can only get Gintama characters and Gintama artes/costumes for Tales characters during the event period!

Before anything, you should use your free pulls. Just go to the gacha tab on the bottom right and look for the options that cost 0 Diamonds or Mirrogems!

There's also a Dia Step Up for the collaboration characters. Step up banners are usually paid currency only, but they give a higher chance at Master and Mirrage Artes the more you pull on them. It's advised to take advantage of this too, especially since Grade is shared between related banners.

Since the first parts of the Ginatama event are reruns, the event currency and event shop work a little differently from most event shops. Instead of having to replay the last quest to farm currency and use it in the shop, you can farm currency in any quest you want, including the Raid part of this Quest (which you want to do repeatedly.) By doing quests, sending characters out on orders on the home screen, using Mirrage Artes and achieving Just! inputs, you'll gradually accumulate currency through missions on the home screen, which you can see in this tab.

It's important to note that while most of the event quests are regular quests to recruit the characters, after completing the first few parts of the event story, the last step is to take on the Raid part of the event. You can access the Raid quests by touching the banner prominently featuring Takasugi.

Doing so will take you to a page that looks like this. Start by tapping each boss, starting with Jade on the left, and doing the corresponding quests until you can take on Takasugi himself.

Try to complete each and every raid quest for as many dia rewards as possible! Once you've done as many as you can, there's two things left to do. First is a challenge quest that costs 1 AP- you'll want to bring your strongest characters here, as the bosses have quite high stats. Still, the movesets aren't overwhelming. It should be doable with decent knowledge of positioning and which artes help you combo. Notably, "Shinpachi" is a boss here, but we won't spoil how he looks in gameplay. Watch out for his Mirrage Arte though!

But the most important part of playing the event is farming for raid rewards. Completing a raid quest scores points based on your team's bonus, how fast you completed the quest and how high your combo was. The base score value also increases the higher the quest difficulty. You want to play the highest difficulty quest that you can clear consistently fast for the most points.

When you hit certain point thresholds, you'll get rewards, including artes for Katsura and Takasugi exclusive to this system, materials for making them stronger and even free gacha tickets! At minimum you should aim for 300,000 points to ensure you get all the exclusive rewards for Katsura and Takasugi (all event artes and crystals needed to increase maximum level), but ideally you want to aim for 3 million points, the last point threshold which also gives you guaranteed mirrage arte tickets.

There's also a new panel of missions for even more rewards this event- including a ticket that guarantees a Gacha Mirrage Arte! Here's how the panel screen looks along with a translation of each mission.

Complete Event Quest "Find Katsura" Complete Vs. Takasugi Raid Quest Once Use 5 Mirrage Artes
Defeat 10 Enemies Complete 5 Quests With Katsura on your team Complete 5 Quests With Takasugi On Your Team
Use 200 AP Collect one day's Log-In Bonus Collect Log-In Bonuses for 7 days

And that's about it for playing the event itself! There's also an upcoming Online Co-op period featuring Gintama Collaboration characters. As a rule, Unison Attack only runs on the weekend with a limited character selection. This time, the characters are everyone featured in the collaboration- every Gintama character and character with collaboration artes and costumes.

Finally, the arte and costume previews. First, take a look at each character's new costume! Even Gintoki has a new costume compared to the first time this event ran, available in the first event shop.

And here are the new Mirrage and 5* artes!


Katsura naturally relies a lot on his bombs in addition to his swordplay. Notably some of his artes don't even have proper names, which of course makes sense when the series itself does not have named techniques. By the way, players have quickly found him to be a considerably good character, able to keep combos going for very long on any enemy while inflicting a lot of damage in a large radius!


Takasugi uses a very fast, aggressive fighting style with darkness imbued artes, making him more up close and personal than Katsura.


Yuri's Justaway allows him to retreat while throwing the iconic Justaway bomb, and it has good combo synergy with his other ranged artes like Final Gale or Azure Edge, while also allowing him to end close ranged combos a safe distance away.


Jade gets a new dark element spell with pretty good launching power.


Judith gets to throw kunai from the air, allowing her to use her air combos even on enemies too heavy to keep in the air alongside her.

That's it for now. There's certainly a lot of love for Gintama and fitting choices for Tales characters put into this event, and we're glad it was able to come back and give us the fan favorite Katsura. Hope everyone is able to get artes and costumes they want for these characters, they'll serve you well for a long time. This article will be updated as further developments come and as always, stick around for more news soon!

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