5th Tales of Character Popularity Poll Opens, Along With Three Other Polls

Barrage of news posts coming up. Yes people, we're still alive. Just annoyingly busy with school.

It's that time of the season once again! The Tales Channel has put up the voting for the 5th Tales of Character Popularity Poll.

Along with the usual Character Ranking are three new polls: Your Ideal Brother or Sister Ranking, Your Dream Combination Ranking and The Mascot Ranking.

You can only vote one character per poll, with the exception of the Dream Combination Ranking, where you get to choose two characters. Voting will get you a different wallpaper for each poll, a total of four new wallpapers for you to enjoy. Please go and vote to get the wallpapers. We will be adding them to AC's gallery in the future.

Voting will be from March 15 to May 20. Results will be announced at the Tales of Festival 2010 which will be held on June 5-6 of this year.

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