Asbel & Cheria Plus Cless & Chester Confirmed for Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave

Two new scans from VJump Magazine reveal two new pairs for the upcoming Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave.


The scans reveal Cless Alvein and Chester Barklight from Tales of Phantasia and Asbel Lhant and Cheria Barnes from Tales of Graces. The second scan also shows a new hi-ougi cut-in of Cless's. A list of their hi-ougis are also in the scans, namely Cless's Dark Blade ( ?????, Meikuu Zanshouken), Chester's Ten'i Jouhakyuu ( ????? ) and Asbel's Juuha Goushouzan ( ?????, was recently revealed to have been localized as "Stampede Strike").

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