Tales of Hearts CMs, Tales of Festival Updates, New ToV Review

The ToH Main Site has been updated with two new commercials for the game, one CG and one Anime version. As for the Tales of Festival, its main site has also been updated with more detailed info on the events to be held, items to be sold, as well as the Tales Series personalities to be present.Sadly, we don't get to see Shing yelling "KOHHAAAKK!" yet. Downloads have been added over at the Tales of Hearts Video Page.

And lastly, another review for Vesperia, from G4TV's show, XPLAY. They gave Vesperia a 4/5. I watch XPLAY regularly, and I have to say this is a pretty high score they've given for a JRPG. Thanks to Bee for the heads upbigsmile.gif.

As for Tales of Festival:

Tales of Festival 2008
When: September 23, 2008
Where: Bunkyo Civic Hall, Main Hall, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo
Ticket: 3,390 Yen. Can be ordered from Animate.
Highlights: Tales of Hearts (Nintendo DS), Tales of the Abyss Anime (sneak peak advance screening), Tales of Series Seiyuu and Producer Talk Show Skit, Tales of Series Merchandise Sale, DEEN Mini-concert (Vesperia was removed from the updated list, but I doubt they'd forget about it)
Onosaka Masaya (Zelos Wilder - ToS)
Chihiro Suzuki (Luke fon Fabre - TotA)
Shimono Hiro (Emil Castagnier - ToS-R)
Toriumi Kosuke (Yuri Lowell - ToV)
Itou Kentarou (Chester Barklight - ToP)
Kanai Mika (Arche Klaine - ToP)
Hiramatsu Akiko (Harold Belserius - ToD2)
Watanabe Akino (Mao - ToR)
Mizuhashi Kaori (Norma Beatty - ToL)
Masaya Matsukaze (Hisui Hearts - ToH)
Marina Inoue (Kohak Hearts - ToH)

Special Guest: DEEN to perform Eien no Ashita.
*In no particular order
*Subject to change without prior notice
(The rest of the message was of the festival community. Didn't include it anymore)

Merchandise Sale List (I want about 90% of these right now):
(Format: Type - Item Name/Description - Price)

*Pamphlet - Tales of Festival 2008 Official Brochure - 2000 Yen
*Gummi/Gel - ToF 2008 Apple Gummi (10 pcs, with mini notebook) - 700 Yen
*Gummi/Gel - ToF 2008 Orange Gummi (10 pcs, with mini notebook) - 700 Yen
*Stand Pop Memo - ToF 2008 Stand Pop Memo (2 designs) - 600 Yen
*Stickers - ToF 2008 Sticker Pack (2 packs in one, random 16 stickers in each) - 500 yen
*Portrait Set - ToF 2008 Portrait Set (2 designs) - 1,200 Yen
*Postcard Set - ToF 2008 Postcard Set (set of 8, 10 designs) - 800 Yen
*Postcard Set - ToF 2008 Postcard Set (set of 2) - 250 Yen
*Mini Size Posters - ToF 2008 Mini Size Posters (8 designs) - 450 Yen
*Book Cards - ToF 2008 Book Cards - 1200 Yen

||Items with debut release on the same date
*Action Figure - Tales of Destiny Lion Magnus Action Figure, 1/10 Scale Painted - 4410 Yen

||Sneak Sell
*T-Shirt - Tales of the Abyss T-Shirt (Luke), comes in S/M/L - 2940 Yen
*T-Shirt - Tales of the Abyss T-Shirt (Anise & Tokunaga), comes in S/M/L - 2940 Yen
*Clear File - Tales of the Abyss Clear File - 350 Yen
*Notepad - Tales of the Abyss Notepad (2 designs) - 350 Yen
*Postcards - Tales of the Abyss Metal Postcards (4 designs) - 180 Yen
*Posters - Tales of the Abyss Mini Clear Poster - 450 Yen
*Mouse Pad - Tales of the Abyss Sheer Mouse Pad (2 designs) - 350 Yen
*Blu-ray Box - Tales of Phantasia the Animation Blu-Ray DVD box - 24,360 Yen
*DVD Box - Tales of Phantasia the Animation Special DVD Complete - 12,180 Yen
*Blu-ray Box - Tales of Symphonia the Animation (Sylvarant Arc) Blu-Ray DVD box - 27,720 Yen
*DVD box - Tales of Symphonia the Animation (Sylvarant Arc) Special DVD Complete - 23,520 Yen
*Soundtrack CDs - Tales of Series Piano Arrange Tracks - 3150 Yen

*All Abyss merchandise are of the anime series, not the game.

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