New ToDDC Commercial~ + EDIT: ToDDC Survey Coming + New Affi

Yes, new commercial. -Goes back to studying--video has been taken down from YouTube, sorry -

... Hasn't anyone been bothered by the fact that they keep using the PS1 logo for those commercials? :\n
|| ToDDC 2nd CM -> YouTube | Download

EDIT: The usual survey for Tales games for this game will start on February 7, 2008 and will end March 30, 2008. As usual, the prize for these will be game wallpapers. We will be putting up the wallpapers as soon as I get to answer that survey XD~

And we're now affiliated with CoD4 Central, a site dedicated to the Call of Duty 4 game. The site is also run by the owner of FF12 Sector. Drop by and visit if you need help on the game.

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