Even The Tales of Xillia Manga Gets Two Versions

Comic Gene has just released details about Tales of Xillia's manga adaptation. The manga will be available in two versions: a Milla Maxwell version and a Jude Mathis version.

The first one chapter will be published on Comic Gene's October issue to be released this September 15, 2011, and will first be the Milla one by artist hu-ko. This will be the game's main story from Milla's point of view. In addition, I believe Comic Gene's cover for this issue will be ToX-themed and the issue will also include a free clear file with ToX illustrations by ufotable.

The Jude version (art at the bottom of the scan on the left. Art above is of the Milla version by hu-ko), which will be pre-serialized in the Viva! Tales of Magazine Vol 7 on August 29 and will be officially serialized beginning Vol 8 ( September 28 ) will be by artist Yuuko Satou (known for her work on the manga adaptation of light novel series Young Gun Carnival).

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