New Tales of Xillia Producer Talk Show Game Demo Screenshots

A total of 36 new screenshots of Tales of Xillia's demo version have been uploaded. The demo of the game is currently available to those attending the game's Producer Talk Show being held at various areas in Japan beginning July 30th to August 20th.


The demo's title screen, choosing either Jude and Milla's path, and somewhere in the game.


The first screenshot shows the controls for when in the field, while the second shows the controls for when in battle.


It's reported that up to 5 attachments can be equipped all at the same time. The last screen shows the Lilial/Rereal Orb/Ririal Aube system again.

As we have previously reported in this post, the demo spans a total of 10 minutes and introduces the basic features of the game. Also introduced here are the game's controls and attachments.

You can view the rest of the screenshots here.

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