Flynn, Guy, Nanaly And Keele Are Up This Week On Radiant Mythology 3

This week's Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 character videos are up, this time with everyone's favorite replica twins Flynn Scifo (Tales of Vesperia) and Guy Cecil (Tales of the Abyss), along with Nanaly Fletch (Tales of Destiny 2) and Keele Zeibel (Tales of Eternia).

Flynn Guy Nanaly Keele

Flynn starts off the week with his Radiant Dragon Fang (?????, Kouryuu Metsugasou), followed by Guy's Razing Phoenix (?????, Houou Tenshouku). Next up, we have Nanaly's Wild Geese and finally, we have Keele summoning the Greater Craymel of Light, Rem for his Mystic Arte. It seems this version of Rem actually does damage to the enemies. Keele's video is the most impressive this week in my opinion. This is also the first time we get to see Nanaly and Keele's cut-ins, with Flynn's already having been shown in a magazine scan and Guy's from one of the game's trailers.

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