More Details On Radiant Mythology 3's Opening Theme By BACK-ON & Me

A recent magazine scan revealed to us that Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3's opening will be done by BACK-ON and the still unknown artist "Me". More information about this upcoming new single has now been revealed.
BACK-ONThe song's title will be "with you feat. Me". That said, it looks like they're not planning to reveal who this "Me" is until the single's release, which will be on February 9, 2011. The single will come with a normal version for the price of 1,050 Yen and a "Tales of" version for 1,260 Yen. The normal version will include the song plus another song of BACK-ON's named Nagare Boshi (???, lit. Shooting Star), while the Tales of version will have both songs plus a "Tales of Remix" of with you. Also included in the Tales of version is a download code for equipment for the RM3 game, a download code for a Kanonno Flash image for mobile phone standby and voice ringtone and Kanonno Grassvalley letter sticker.

RM3 Pre-orderJust to add, images of the game's supposed pre-order bonus have been put up in Amazon. For some reason, the manga that is in the picture is the manga of RM2, not 3. Maybe they'll change that in the future.

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