Hideo Baba Admits Tales of Xillia Was "Rushed" & Some Elements Didn't Make It

In an interview with Tales of Xillia's Designer Hideo Baba, he admits that the game was actually quite "rushed" due to time constraints and that some planned elements didn't make it in the final product.


So, what exactly were the things that were discarded due to lack of time? A lot, apparently.

According to the interview, things that were initially supposed to be in the game but never did make it include hot spring scenes, a place similar to Nam Cobanda Isle (Tales of the Abyss), a playable Gaius and Musee and Secret Missions similar to Tales of Vesperia (regarding this, Shinryumentions that when he was digging through Xillia's game files, there was indeed stuff for Secret Missions).

Director's Cut trololol.

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