New Radiant Mythology 3 Scans Reveal New Cut-ins and Info (UPDATED)

(UPDATE: Two new scans added. More to be added once I get back from school) Two new magazine scans reveal new Mystic Arte cut-ins for some of the characters of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3. Apologies for the very small scans. I'll just update this page once bigger scans are available.

RM3Scan1 RM3Scan2

The scans reveal the previously announced characters' Mystic Arte cut-ins. Though they're small, you can still make them out. The scan also reveals the three Kanonnos' cut-ins, which all have the same pose. Also in the scan are screen shots of what seems to be the game's opening movie. A few of Kanonno Grassvalley's skit faces are also in the scans.

Detailed info on the new "Radiant Drive" system are also in the scans according to someone on 2ch. In battle, each character has a green Over Limit gauge. Apparently, the Radiant Drive mode can be activated when in Over Limit (not sure if you have to activate it or if it will activate by itself) and will allow your character the barrage use of higher skills and no casting times.

New scans:

RM3Scan3 RM3Scan4

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