Info on Raven & Judith + New Karol Battle Videos + Site Updates

This new scan about Tales of Vesperia talks a little bit about the two recently revealed characters, Raven and Judith.

|| Raven
Age: 35 Years Old
Height: 170 cm
A flirtatious old man with an always dubious look. Other people find him hard to understand. He uses knives and bows for weapons.

|| Judith
Age: 19 Years Old
Height: 175 cm
Part of the Cretia (romaji KURITIA) race who uses spears as their weapons. Yuri calls her "Judy."

Also, they've updated the ToV Main Site with battle videos of Karol Capel. I actually have them here in the hard disk, but I'd prefer to upload them to YouTube once the rest of the other battle videos come out. In the meantime, please watch from the main website.

For site updates, the gallery has been updated with two battle screenshots and pictures of advertising stuff from the ToV developer's blog. You'll notice there that those who preorder the game (Japanese) will be getting a "Special DVD." No news yet on what'll be in the DVD. Also added Decus' concept art and a few screenshots (Low Quality, blame the blog >_>) from the ToS-R developer's blog. We also have a new fanfiction from OoXianghuaoO, and you can view it via theFanfictions Page.

Lastly, that recent ToS-R commercial [MARRRTAAA!] is now available over at theToS-R Video Downloads Section. Not that high a quality, BUT I -think- I managed to get a better quality of this video. Including the latest trailer of the game, but I'll have to see to that.

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