Leave of Absence (For Real This Time O_o) + ToV ToR PSP Dramatic DVD Trailer

So, I told you guys before that I was applying for a summer job (I don't know about you guys but it's definitely summer here). Well, I got accepted ^_^/. Only problem is is that my shift requires me to be in the office (they gave me a full-pledged office job at this young age O_o) every Mondays-Saturdays, 8am-5pm until the week before the last week of summer vacation. And my job starts tomorrow. Not only that, but travel time to that place is approximately 1-2 hours. Same with coming from that place back home. That gives me barely an hour or so of internet time... T_T

So yes, I'll be away for a while, but I do intend to be online every single Sunday starting this week. And I'm sorry if I STILL haven't updated the following pages (actually, more than half of them are done, but I still haven't uploaded them >_<):
Tales of pages (practically all need a revamp, but specifically Vesperia and Destiny Director's Cut), Fan Pages (Tales Avatars, Signatures, Wallpapers, Fanarts, Sprite Comics, Fanfiction, and that new section I was planning), Media (Oh geez, a lot).

In ToI fashion, I bid all of you a BYE BYE! for now =D

P.S. We still need suggestions for the contest! Oh, and since I have a job this summer, expect the contest around June instead... (Excuse my overuse of emoticons XD)

EDIT by sukotsuto: Abby asked me to upload this video:

Tales of Vesperia ToR PSP Dramatic DVD Trailer

Description: The trailer that came with the preorder bonus of Tales of Rebirth PSP, the Dramatic DVD: Peach Pie. This was provided to us by eclisis from the Official Tales Forums. It's basically the same as the first trailer, but with a few added scenes.

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