New ToS-DotNW Interview from Cubed3 + New ToV Estellieze Wallpaper

Thanks to Rena Chan from our forum for the heads up, a new interview of Teruaki Konishi, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World's (Knight of Ratatosk) producer and Hideo Baba, the Tales Brand manager has been revealed over at Cubed3. The interview talks mostly about what we already know, but here are a few new things to note:

|| Aside from choosing the point-click system of the world map in order to utilize the Wii-mote, the production team was also limited by the production schedule to actually make it the usual roaming around the world map thing.
|| Aside from using the Flex-Range LMBS (more commonly known as Free Run), the game will be having an Elemental Grid (you've probably seen this in previous screenshots, at the lower left corner). "The Elemental Grid allows the player to affect the dominant element of the battle field depending on the skills they use. The dominant element affects everything from the effectiveness of the character's attacks, to which characters will participate in Unison Attacks, to whether the player can tame enemy monsters at the end of each battle."
|| For the Guild system, it will be the Neko-nin guild. As usual, players go to the guild to accept quests, as well as manage monsters.
|| No plans to use WiiConnect24 or Nintendo Wi-Fi at this time.

Other info unrelated to ToS-DotNW:
|| There are currently no plans to release Tales of Innocence overseas.
|| There was a rumor before that Tales of the Abyss would be remade for the Wii. That rumor is false.
|| They are evaluating whether a Tales for the WiiWare would be good. No news on that yet, but there's a possibility.

Also, we're glad to say that the target money for the contest has been reached!! Expect the contest around May or June... BUT! We need ideas guys! Please, if you have any idea on what contest would be good to hold, please, comment here! And this time, to be fair, you don't have to be a forum member to join. So please, we need your suggestions!

EDIT: In addition to that, thanks to Yuri Rowell for informing us, a wallpaper of Estellieze has been posted over at the Tales of Vesperia official site. They're now up at the gallery as well... Full view is your friend =D.

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