More Info On Tales of Zestiria's New Character Zabida

New info on newly announced Tales of Zestiria character Zabida, another Divine of the Wind element, is now up from Weekly Shonen Jump.

As we mentioned before, Zabida is designed by Radiant Mythology designer Minoru Iwamoto and voiced by Kenjirou Tsuda. Though his weapons in the Tales of Festival Zestiria trailer seemed to be like "guns," they listed it as "???" here.

Zabida is, like Dezel, also a Divine of the Wind element, who is apparently out hunting the Hyoumas on his own. He has a bit of a loose-lipped character, and doesn't really think twice when he's picking a fight, even if it's with the Priest Slay. At present, it is unclear exactly where his allegiance is with.

You can check out a few more details on Zabida and the other Tales of Festival Zestiria news in our previous post.

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