New Tales of Vesperia PS3 and Tales of Graces Screenshots Uploaded

Continuing from where the little snippet from yesterday left off, high-def screenshots from Tales of Vesperia PS3 and high quality screenshots from Tales of Graces and have been added to their own respective galleries (from 4Gamer). Click the thumbnails above to view them.

ToV Screenshots ToG Screenshots

MalikPascalThe Tales of Graces screenshots focus on scenes with Malik and Pascal, along with the other ToG characters. Screenshots detailing the use of the Arles Pot System are also available. You can also view their official art from the gallery. Click the thumbnails at the left.

The Tales of Vesperia PS3 screenshots focus on the new Tales costumes and attachments, as well as the new additions for the coliseum (the Dream TeamHunting Blades, etc.). There are also screenshots of Yuri and Flynn's dual Mystic Arte, Bushin Soutenha.

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